Where Have They Gone?

Last Saturday was my first time seeing the Wild ones in winter. I took a different route to go see them which cut my travel by 30 minutes (more time to spend with them). The first thing that I noticed is 100's of cattle and over 300 sheep roaming the area where I usually encounter the wild mustangs. As I drove the Pony Express Trail I couldn't help wondering what happens to the horses in that instance? As a searched, I drove way past where I usually see them...displaced by the cattle and sheep, I found them miles from their normal range. The first group was Goliath's group minus his little filly that I had seen a few months ago. Part of me was relieved she wasn't there. She had swollen canons the last time I saw her and was suffering with every step she took, my heart hopes she is in a better place. 

In total there were 13 wild mustangs, a far cry from the hundreds that are together. Stayed with them for one hour and decided to move on. The second group was about 50, groups that I had never seen together were now sharing their land. They had moved further from their water source, maybe because it isn't as necessary or maybe due to the water being ice, one watering hole had running water but most of the water was frozen. No snow to speak of to cause a problem with foraging and I could see them grazing, rubbing their soft nuzzles on the blades as they passed.

It didn't seem that cold from inside the truck, a cozy 40 degrees outside but after hanging out with them for 3 hours, I was shivering and my fingers were numb. A small price to pay to fill my soul with wild mustangs and at to have the knowledge that they were doing well in this harsh environment. Curious yearlings came up to me even though I had sat down a respectful distance from them. As my body shivered to stay warm, I could feel their body heat radiating, protected by a thick layer of fuzzy fur. Glad that one of us is warm!

As always it was so difficult to leave them behind...there is so much horrible news in our world that I long just to be in theirs. I know they have a hard life but it is a simple life.