So today I present to you "Connected".

The connection between wild mustangs is so tangible but you must be "still" to actually see it.

Some people go see them, take a few photos, maybe spend 20 minutes before moving on, but don't truly "see" them. There was a lady photographer I met one day, who got "bored" and had "shot" everything that could be photographed, so she left. I can assure you that she missed some exquisite and exciting moments, if she would have given in to just being present.
So if you ever have a chance to go and experience being in the presence of wild mustangs, please do this....sit down...take a deep "still" your soul and your heart.

Being around them will heal you, you may think you are doing great in your life but if you really "listen and see" them, something in you WILL heal...stress will flow out of you....your mind will quiet down...time will become timeless...
That is their power but you have to be ready to let go in order to reconnect to yourself because I truly believe that humans are disconnected and to become better human beings we need to reconnect to each other, right now it seems that the only time we unite is when we are confronted with tragedy. :(

We are so close to being zombies and I'm not referring to Covid 19. What I am referring to is how we have forgotten how to interact with others. There is a scene at the beginning of the movie "Warm Bodies" that makes fun of that. We don't pick up on simple body language anymore, people in general seem more depressed, the world in general seems angrier. We no longer know what to do when we are bored, our first instinct is to aimlessly browse social media. Instead, we should maybe pick up a pen and paper, a guitar or maybe take a long walk with your dog (borrow your neighbor's if you don't have one), pick up your camera and go explore the world, go for a get where I'm going with this:)

We no longer are intimate (no I'm not talking about sex:)) I'm talking about being true to ourselves, listening to our inner voice that is telling us to slow down, be still, be present. I feel that if we took just a few minutes to sit still we would be a much calmer society.

We should aspire to be more like wild mustangs, living in the moment.

What I do hope is that you have somebody in your life that you are deeply connected to and maybe disconnect from social media once in a while:)