Consciousness of Beings

Every morning just before I am fully conscious, I find these random thoughts going through my this case I was thinking about babies and how brutal their birth must feel to them. Here they are one day cozy in a warm place that gives them nutrients and protection and the next day they are being expulsed out into a world which is not so forgiving. In the cases of wild foals, what must they they feel? As humans we have a tendency to anthropomorphize and we feel for the animals that are abused, abandoned, tortured or slaughtered, so how can we not put ourselves in their shoes, I for one feel overwhelmed about the whole thing, especially since we all have gone through this, maybe that's why we don't remember our births.

My thoughts are that it must be a shock, these foals are required to be able to get up on their own with hopefully a supportive mother who is there to encourage them which is not always the case. I witnessed a mare with a foal that was trying to nurse and she was not happy about it. Most of them are born healthy but for those that are not, it just seems cruel to have them go through this whole process, only to have them slowly die because they either can't nurse or follow the herd or are abandoned by their moms. I know it is difficult come to terms with this but only the strong MUST survive. This brings to mind a wild mustang named Onyx that lives in Carson Valley, NV the wild horse community in Nevada doesn't understand why he can't get a mate. I suspect that  their instincts are telling them that there is something genetically wrong with him ( he has a "blue eye" but I suspect that it is a birth defect) which would explain why he doesn't seem to be able to get a mare. Going back to the foals (I apologize for jumping around), they have to start feeding as soon as possible and that on to itself is not straight forward. How do they know that's what they are supposed to do, is it encoded in them? I understand that as they grow they learn from mom and the herd but how do they know the rest???

For those that believe in God or a higher power it might be easier to be at peace with it all but it is wondrous that nature knows what to do instinctually. The way I see it humans are de-evolving and the rest of the planet is evolving, we have lost our way and our instincts are also fading. I will have written this in the time of the Covid-19 outbreak and have seen a better side of life, a life where we may regain what we have lost, a life where people are obligated to slow down, take care of their family, take responsibility for the education and upbringing of their offspring, spend more time in nature in the presence of "God" and his beautiful sentient beings. We as humans are parasites, some more than others and even though I have dark thoughts about our future, the optimist in me can't give up. I do envision a world where we are in a beneficial symbiotic relationship with the planet and all its sentient beings.

How does the above paragraph fit in? We need to be more like the sentient​ beings of this world.  Wild and domesticated horses are so evolved with their language that they rarely have to make a sound, a twitch of a lip or ear sends the message loud and clear. When you see wild mustangs go from doing absolutely nothing and suddenly start moving and you didn't see what happened, the lead mare sent a signal. The stallion following closely behind head lowered, makes sure everybody listens, not one will stay behind. We need to be more like them, we need to cultivate are instincts, so we can start feeling our environment instead of walking around blind, we need to remember who we were.