Wanderers' Path

The landscape where the wild mustangs live will always take my breath away. The rawness and desolation of it is what keeps me coming back. When I drive to see the wild ones, I go from civilization to a single road where there are maybe 4 farms, to a dirt road where there is nothing, it just melts away into complete desolation. It's taking a step back in time where everything was simpler but also more difficult. I find myself in a complete state of "oneness". I roam the landscape, following the wild ones at a respectful distance becoming one with their journey. This is all about survival. There is nobody there and if a car drives by in the distance it seems so out of place and disruptive like it doesn't belong in this land. Even the distant noise of airplanes seems like an oxymoron. As the day unwinds and I accompany them for a little while longer until all sunlight disappears, my heart aches to know that I have to step through time and go back to "reality". Driving back I feel the weight of civilization bearing down on me. I long to be in simpler times where wild horses are not a nuisance but God's gift to us to remind us to stay free and that we are the one's that choose to be bound by chains. So break free!!!